Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bottoms Up: Ginger Tipples

We've talked a fair bit about ginger--its value as an ingredient in a variety of dishes, its medicinal properties, and even its potential as a love potion--but how about as a beverage?    We explored the alcoholic forms of the root, from  ginger beer to ginger infused vodka and finally our newest discovery, Snap.  We uncovered a treasure trove of possibilities and chose a few that showcase a variety of cocktails. 

Ginger Beer
We tend to associate Ginger Beer with tropical locales--the Caribbean and parts of Africa--but believe it or not, it originated in Jolly Olde England in the mid-18th Century.  British soldiers, desiring a taste of home, brought bottles of Ginger Beer with them to their posts in  farflung colonies.  When the Brits left, the beverage stayed and became a local refreshment.   Brits tend to view Ginger beer in the same way they regard Marmite...they either love it or hate it (kind of like Coors Light or Scrapple to us Yanks).  One thing we can guarantee you, you're going to love the following cocktail cabinet collection of ginger-based libations...

Dark and Stormy

2 oz rum
3 oz ginger beer
lime wedge (optional)

Pour rum and beer into a highball glass filled with ice.  Garnish with lime if desired.  Variation: For a Moscow Mule,  substitute vodka for the rum.

When Life Gives You Lemons....

Use them to make this ginger-licious drink.    This comes from our friend Rodney VanNesse, cook extraordinaire and gifted mixologist.  (This serves one, but even if you are solo, make more; these things are gooood. )

2 oz Ginger-infused vodka (see recipe below)
2 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup
3 basil leaves

Muddle the basil in vodka and lemon juice.  Add ice and simple syrup.  Shake and strain into martini glass. 

For ginger-infused vodka:  Chop  4T fresh ginger.  Add to 2 cups of your favorite vodka (Grey Goose or Ketel One recommended)  Let soak several hours.  Strain and enjoy.

This next pair comes from our friends who make Snap, that lively and lovely ginger liqueur that combines the yumminess of a cookie with the warmth of a good cordial.

                                                                                    Oh, Snap
1 oz 
2 oz sparkling wine
lemon twist (optional)

Pour Snap into champagne flute.  Top with sparkling wine and garnish with lemon twist if desired.

Snap Happy
1 1/2 oz snap
1 1/2 oz bourbon
orange wedge (optional)

Shake Snap and bourbon with ice.  Strain into martini glass.    Garnish with orange if desired.

Good thing this research took place heading into a holiday weekend...Cheers! (Hiccup)

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