Friday, March 18, 2011

A Saintly Pastry...

Christ with St Joseph in his workshop by Sir John Everett Millais
St Joseph earned his position as a Saint in the Catholic Church because he was chosen to be the foster-father of Jesus and husband to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  He was first celebrated by the Copts, the ancient church of the East which was founded in Egypt, way back in the 4th Century, but gained in popularity over successive centuries.  The Carmelite Order of Nuns, for example, chose him as their patron during the c17th, and during the c19th he become one of the most popular Saints, especially amongst the working classes, because he was a lowly but just and hard-working carpenter.  His official Saints Day now falls on March 19th -- today!

Italians mark his feast day with a rather special pastry from Sicily, known as a St Joseph's cake, but more often referred to as Zeppoles.  These cakes are a cross between a cream puff and donut and are utterly delicious.  Termini Bros at the Reading Terminal Market has them on sale for most of the month of March.  If you're feeling adventurous and fancy making your own, we found this recipe for Zeppoles online. (Thanks to

To round out an Italian feast honoring St. Joseph--or just because--hit By George in the Market.  They offer a staggering array of prepared Italian dishes and fresh pasta cut to order.

Happy St. Joseph's Day!

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