Friday, August 26, 2011

Say "Cheese" for Dinner, Hurricane or Not

As hurricane charges up the coast, we thought it would be a good idea to continue discussing meals that require a minimum of preparation and heat, particularly in the face of potential power outages.

As huge fans of the cheese course, we'll use any excuse to serve a selection of our favorites.    These two goals collided this week and with a quick trip to Salumeria in Reading Terminal Market,  dinner was served.

Lucky for us, the folks at Salumeria are supremely knowledgeable and equally helpful.  I explained that I wanted a cheese course that would serve as  light dinner with a simple green salad.  They helped me select seven cheeses that created a perfect assortment of flavors and textures.

For this repast, I chose...

2 firm cheeses:
Hollander, a 4 year aged Gouda with a nutty flavor and grainy, crunchy texture.
Bellavitano, a sharpish Italian cheese which combines the bite of a great cheddar with the salty zing of a great Parmesan.

2 medium cheeses:
Etorki, a Manchego-esque cheese from the Pyrenees Basque region of Spain
Fontalino, a creamy Italian with a strong finish--approaching stinky in the best possible way

2 soft cheeses:

Delice de Borgogne--a triple creme, 'nuff said.
Taleggio--Italy's answer to Brie, in my opinion, but slightly more interesting.

1 bleu--because you kind of have to finish with a bleu, don't you?
Bleu D'Auvergne--the perfect blend of creaminess, sharpness, and pungence.

I surrounded them with some wafer crackers and whole wheat biscuits (slightly sweet), a jar of fig jam, a dish of Marcona Almonds and some fresh fruits and veggies. 

Come on, Irene. (ok, it's a stretch, but it gave me a little titter.)

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