Saturday, February 4, 2012

Superbowl Sunday Snacks

Get this: Twenty-five per cent more carrots are consumed on Superbowl Sunday than on any other Sunday of the year. So says Thursday's Wall Street Journal.

Other bite-sized factoids shared in the same report by research firm, NPD Group: include:
  • 32% of us will be happily snacking away on salsa and dips - the most popular food by far.  An upsurge in yoghurt sales suggests, however, that the dips are becoming a little healthier...
  • Chicken wings will be the food of choice for 23% of Superbowl viewers. (We know this to be true because Giuntas in the Reading Terminal Market confirmed this week that their chicken wings are quite literally flying out the door...)
  • 14% of us prefer to grab a slice of plain old pizza and
  • the same percentage are happy to munch on anything that's laden with salt.
Armed with this intelligence, we asked our friends at the Market: What will they be putting out on the table this Superbowl Sunday?
Stormy Lundy, head of the Merchants' Catering Division at the Market is not a Superbowl junkie, but she knows how to throw a good party. 
Her favorite party snack is deviled eggs, which are enjoying a vogue at the moment.  Stormy likes to grandify (is that a real word?) her eggs with the addition of smoked paprika, and crispy bacon.  She's clearly on topic.  
Last month's Bon Appetit ran a whole feature on how to transform the humble deviled egg. Their suggestions were pretty wild so we've included the recipes here.

General Manager of the Market, Paul Steinke, will probably be investing in an oversized tub of Bassett's Maple Walnut ice cream - his favorite flavor since childhood.

So what are our plans this Superbowl Sunday? Pressed for time, we're planning to run to the market and buy some epic sandwiches from By George.

This cheesesteak/pepperoni-topped stromboli will certainly be a conversation starter!

How are you planning to feed the five thousand this Sunday?

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