Friday, March 9, 2012

Cold-Busters - Winter Produce that Packs a Punch!

Kiwi Fruit are a First-Rate Source of Vitamin C

I'm beginning to think that I'm in the minority.  Am I the only person who thought that oranges and citrus fruit were the best source of vitamin C to be found at this time of year? That's what my mom always told me during cold and flu season; Eat plenty of oranges!

Blood oranges are almost over
While this is not incorrect, it's not exactly right either...  

Although these fruits are a pretty good source of vitamin C, green veggies knock the socks off citrus fruits any day. 

If you're trying to stave off the coughs and colds so prevalent at this time of year and are in need of a vitamin C fix then the first place to go is your produce merchant for sure.  You're better off, however, stuffing your shopping basket with armloads of fresh greens (bell peppers, brussels sprouts and kale for example) than citrus fruit. 

If you just can't stomach those greens, then try fresh papaya or strawberries -- both these two fruits pack a serious vitamin C punch, according to Butch at Iovines Brothers Produce in Reading Terminal Market.

We polled a number of readers on our FB page and were surprised by the results.  Nearly 50% of those who answered did get it right, picking strawberries, bell peppers and papaya as the top three sources of vitamin C.  It's nice to know that we have such a well educated reading public ;)

Inspired by this post?  Looking for neat ways to serve up a healthy dose of vitamin C?  Here are three kick ass recipes for you:

1. Butch's Signature Winter Salad

2. Rick Nichol's Pan-Fried Baby Brussels

3. Our friend Farah's Indian Kale recipe...this to follow in our next post!

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