Monday, April 18, 2011

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's on its Way!

Termini's Bunny Cake
We were amused to see "smothered rabbit" on the menu at an eatery on a recent trip to New Orleans.  Who wants to know how your meat was slaughtered, we mused?  All we're interested in is how it's cooked, or as importantly what side come with the dish... Turns out that the 'smothering' down South refers to the fact that the meat is completely submerged in a gravy or sauce.  You live and learn!

We didn't try the dish -- not in the run up to Easter -- when the Market is awash with chocolate bunnies, chicks and other presagers of Spring!

For many people, Easter is an important holiday.  Aside from the obvious religious significance, this long weekend, much like Thanksgiving, is often a time when extended families come together around the dinner table to celebrate this holiday.  The lunch/brunch or dinner menu on Easter Sunday therefore tends to be an impressive meal.

This forthcoming holiday has given an excuse over the coming week to write about a number of subjects close to both our hearts...
  • Lamb, a personal favorite; we spoke to the butchers at Martin's to hear their thoughts.
  • Eggs - on your behalf we tasted goose eggs and came up with some quick and easy egg dishes.
Goose eggs from the Fair Food Farmstand
A chicken egg, a goose egg, and an avocado for perspective.  Goose eggs are huge!

  •  Easter desserts - the Market is well known for all its bakeries, we profile what they'll be carrying this week. 
  • Our friend Wallace, who also happens to be the Executive Catering Chef at the  Market, shares what he'll be cooking this Easter.
  • And all things CHOCOLATE...need we say more?

We hope you have a great week.  We will!

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