Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Down Home Diner, Breakfast at its Finest

With our current focus on that consummate breakfast food, i.e. eggs, it became increasingly clear that  and we were long overdue for a visit to the Down Home Diner in the Reading Terminal Market.  The DHD is a veritable breakfast haven and practically a Philadelphia institution.

Imagine our delight when we glimpsed Jack McDavid himself stationed behind the griddle.  Jack is a legend.  He was a major pioneer of the Farm to Table movement.  He continues to talk the talk and walk the walk, sourcing all of his ingredients from, in his own words, "The Best Market in the World".  His dedication to high quality, authentic home cooking seeps from every seam of his well worn denim overalls, and his trademark "Save the Farm" hat broadcasts his devotion to the real stuff.

But let's call a biscuit a biscuit.  Anyone can jump into a pair of overalls and don a cap for a worthy cause.  We wanted to know if the DHD was still the real thing.  We were delighted to learn that it is.
Fresh, hot biscuits, right from the oven to join your eggs for a down home breakfast.

The breakfast is unrivaled here in Philly--or possibly anywhere. The menu offers sufficient variety to please all palates:  omelets and eggs in every imaginable form; corned beef hash;  creamed chipped beef on toast; breakfast burritos;

Breakfast Burrito in the works.
four different types of pancakes (corn-blueberry, buckwheat, buttermilk, and a seasonal selection)--and this barely scratches the surface. 
Buckwheat pancakes with strawberry salsa.
For smaller appetites, DHD offers an oatmeal "buffet" (you select from a variety of health-a-licious toppings); locally made yogurt and granola, and grilled grapefruits.

While we are serious cooks who heartily encourage our friends and readers to stand firmly at the stove, we recognize that even the most culinarily devoted of us need a break sometimes.  When that happens, we recommend the DHD as the next best (or, dare we suggest, the best) best thing.

Post brought to you by Down Home Diner

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Mary Rizzo said...

love the down home diner! i tried it a couple weeks ago and was truly impressed, especially with the delicious sausage.. i wrote about it on my Reading Terminal Market blog: .