Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Say Potato, I Say Pot-ah-to!

Fall produce shines at Reading Terminal Market.  Today we spotlight potatoes.

I love potatoes. Blame it on my Irish-American heritage or my addiction to carbs. Mashed, baked, roasted, fried, white, russet, yukon gold or sweet, this girl loves her spuds.

I can easily make a meal out of a potato--scrub, prick, bake at 400 about an hour, cut the top, and fill with anything from cottage cheese to chili con carne and I'm a happy lass. Said meals are reserved for when I'm dining solo; husband doesn't cotton to this type of carb-fest, being more of a lean protein and salad kind of guy (I know, I know, but he's handsome and has a good job).  My carnivorous kids would wonder where the rest of their dinner was.  Other fave spud dinner:  baked sweet potato topped with black beans and salsa--no fat, lots of flavor, rich in vitamins, high in fiber, cheap and filling.  Good

My British partner has been on a recent rant about the fact that the mashed potatoes she makes in her adopted country, i.e. the US, do not match the fluffy, light, Utopian version that she recalls from her youth.  She has set herself on a Grail-like quest to recreate British mashed potatoes stateside.  She has tried Bon Appetit's version using russets, but was disappointed. If you have any insights or hints, we'd be delighted to hear them, either as a blog comment below or FB post.  But meanwhile, back in the potato patch....

My latest potato creation arose out of an ongoing love affair with Beck's Cajun Cafe's Devil Dust.    This spice blend is positively wonderful; I have used it on salmon, shrimp, hamburgers, steak, chicken, pumpkin seeds, and now potatoes.  All have been transformed something good into something wonderful.   I've become so addicted I'm considering putting it in my morning we need an intervention?

To make Devil Dusted Potatoes......

3 sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into large bite sized chunks
2 white potatoes (any variety) peeled if you insist (I refuse) and cut into large bite sized chunks
1-2 TBSP canola oil (enough to lightly coat potatoes)
1 TBSP Beck's Devil Dust

Heat oven to 400.  Place potatoes in large baking dish and toss with oil and Devil Dust.  Roast til browned, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking, 45 minutes or more.   Serve hot, to general amazement and adoration.

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