Friday, December 9, 2011

Bet You'll Find a Great Gift at Reading Terminal Market

They did it their way. 

But do you know what came first?  Laverne & Shirley or Happy Days?

Both shows were set in Wisconsin..but one was a spin off from the other.  And get extra kudos if you can figure out what inspired Happy Days - and it wasn't another TV show... 

My husband lost a bet with a colleague while he was working in Wisconsin.  The wager was this very same question.  At stake was a basket of the finest cheeses from Wisconsin, versus a gift basket of fare from one of the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch vendors in Reading Terminal Market.

The husband backed the wrong horse; he claimed Happy Days came after Laverne & Shirley.  Wrong!

So with the help of Kauffmans at the Market we've assembled a gift basket to be shipped off FedEx this weekend.

If you're looking for gift baskets, there's a cornucopia of choices from the merchants at the Market.  Here's some we spotted this week...

Bee Natural's Honey infused gifts--perfect for your Honey!

Coffee collection from Old City Coffee

Pretty candy n cookies gift bags @ Termini's

If you'd prefer to customize your own gift basket, don't forget you can do this with a little help from the Pennsylvania General Store.  They have an extensive catalog of gift products, but are equally happy to help you put together a custom basket from merchants at the Market and will still ship them nationwide on your behalf.  Full details at

By the way...the answer is American Graffiti.   You're a popular culture buff if you got that one correct.

Want to be tormented some more...?

Who directed American Graffiti then?  We're not telling :)

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