Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chocolate Beer Sauce

Somehow the beer just works with the chocolate and cream...
Pour this heavenly concoction into a jar, tie it with a bow, and prepare for raptures from the giftee.

I discovered this keeper of a recipe for chocolate sauce, when it was playing second fiddle to Jamie Oliver's chocolate bread pudding.  I've been slowly working my way through Jamie's latest cookbook: Easy Twists on Great American Classics

While the recipes and anecdotes are cool, the photos leave me cold; they are too dark and dingy -- too arthouse for my liking. 

When I rummage through a cookbook I want to see high gloss photos of happy looking food. 

So turn up the lights next time Jamie, please...

I made this chocolate bread pudding for Sunday family dinner and it was marvelous.  It puffed up souffle-like and earned plaudits around the dinner table. 

It looked like this BEFORE it went in the oven; Imagine a souffle like bottom layer topped with crispy top layer and chunks of chocolate sandwiched in between the bread slices.  Ummmmmm.
Chocolate Beer Sauce Recipe

1/2 cup brown ale
1/2 cup heavy cream
2x tablespoons of sugar
1x 4oz good quality bittersweet chocolate (70% cocoa solids)
Sea salt

* Add beer, cream and sugar to pan, place pan on medium heat on the stove
* Stir continuously and once it starts to boil, remove pan from heat
* Break chocolate bar into pieces and add to the cream and beer mixture with a small pinch of salt.
* Stir mix until all the ingredients combine into a smooth shiny chocolate sauce.

This recipe keeps well in the fridge.  We actually doubled up all the ingredients and kept half the sauce for several days.  After warming the sauce, we used it as a topping for vanilla ice-cream.

Who could have guessed that beer, chocolate and cream ROCK together?

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Anonymous said...

This is WAY too much liquid for the amount of chocolate. I made this, and it was as thin as hot chocolate, and so I added some cocoa powder and butter and corn syrup and stirred it over low heat for about a half an hour to get it thick enough to call it a sauce. It will thicken more as it cools. Seems like a disaster did turn into a pretty good sauce. Try putting in a quarter teaspoon of salt, and don't forget that half teaspoon of vanilla.