Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pulled Pork Asian Style

Pulled pork is a standard dish in our household - regardless of the weather. 

We serve it in the Summer on a hoagie roll as it's great for parties on the beach; we serve it in the Winter during the football season when there's a crowd.

We tried a new recipe, Asian-style Pulled Pork, recently and it was a hit. 

This recipe is infused with Asian spices, leaning heavily on Chinese Five Spice Powder which gives off a heavenly aroma whilst cooking.  (I adore Five Spice Powder so I actually doubled the quantity of this ingredient, which is a bit naughty for not following the recipe).

I was in the mood to experiment and switched my normal BBQ sauce for a Raspberry Barbecue Sauce from one of the Pennsylvania Dutch merchants in Reading Terminal Market.   Hot, sweet and spicy, this jar of sauce was gone in less than a week.  Must head back for more...

My husband had requested a turkey chili for his friend's tailgate.  It was a home game, the Eagles versus the Jets.  Bored of chili, I found this recipe online and thought I'd surprise the menfolks. (Actually they were more surprised when the Eagles won, based on the team's crushingly bad 2011 performance.) 

After the victorious tailgate, my husband confided that they'd shared their pulled pork with Jets fans who were drawn to the smell of the pulled pork warming on a portable stove in the Eagles car park.

I dashed over to the Market and nabbed a pork butt from Giunta's
We managed to get two meals out of this pork butt.

I served the remaining pulled pork with with black beans and rice on a later date and pepped up some coleslaw with Beck's Cajun Cafe's cheerful Creole Mayonnaise, which has a dusky spiciness to it. 

The mayo is difficult to describe because it's not like any other mayo, but it is well worth trying.  See if you'd like to give it a whirl yourself.

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