Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Dinner: Korean Pork Bo Ssam

My resolution to encourage my husband's commandeering of the kitchen every Sunday continues with glorious results.  He found a recipe for  Korean Pork Bo Ssam in the New York Times last week and he was determined to make it.   The lacquered coating on the fork-tender fall-apart pork was transformational, and the lettuce wraps gave the meal a lighter note, though the fare was plenty hearty on this chilly evening.

The homemade kimchi was a terrific accompaniment--he substituted red cabbage for the more traditional napa, which was a colorful alternative and quite tasty.

My contribution?  Garlic braised pea shoots, procured from the "Oriental Supermarket" (the owners are obviously not concerned with political correctness.)  We had a fascinating trip there to source ingredients, more on that in a future post.  Perhaps not ideal to visit for the first time on a Sunday afternoon the week before Chinese New Year, but we certainly stocked up.

Meantime, we'll be enjoying the leftover Bo Ssam.  Anyone hungry?

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