Thursday, April 5, 2012

Goody Baskets of Eggs...

The Reading Terminal Market was in the news, or should we say "on" the news this morning when FOX Philly's Good Morning show turned the spotlight on the Market's Easter related produce.

Researchers for the show ran round the Market, scooping up anything vaguely egg-shaped and this is what their scouts came up with....

This cookie basket is filled with real hard boiled eggs, creating a traditional tablepiece - and talking point - for Easter. 

Made by Termini Bros. in Reading Terminal Market, these Easter decorations are also available made from a brioche-like bread.  Termini's sells this Easter bread in a number of entertaining shapes including a colorful braided ring and a leaping bunny rabbit.

Fair Food Farmstand is always the first port of call if you're seeking fresh farm eggs.  Take your pick.  They stock regular chicken eggs, duck eggs and oversized goose eggs.

If you're looking for something special for Easter weekend, feast your eyes on these delicate and naturally colored eggs.  The beautiful pale green/blue eggs are laid by a heritage breed of chicken, the Americana.  The eggs taste just the same, but really are a treat to behold. 

As a fan of quails' eggs, we were hoping to try out Chef Ottolenghi's Royal Potato Salad (with quails eggs) this Easter weekend.  Unfortunately Fair Food are out of stock until next week, so that will just have to wait...

Oh well. 

Cue one great excuse to console oneself with an Easter themed treat from Flying Monkey: 

This chocolate cupcake with its pastel buttercream icing contains a hidden surprise.  Embedded in the cake itself is another little treat - a gem of a chocolate mini  egg from Zitners, of course!

And, if this wasn't enough, don't forget all the Easter goodies to be found at the Pennsylvania General Store.

They'll even custom ice a message on their chocolate Easter eggs for you.  But be quick.  They're selling like hot cakes.

We'll have an 8oz Asher's Dark Chocolate Egg with Buttercream Filling - as you're asking...

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