Monday, August 13, 2012

Las Bugambillas, Authentic Mexican Food on South Street

Sometimes you just don't want to cook.  At times like those, I am profoundly grateful to live within walking distance of dozens of great eateries ranging from a grab-and-go falafel stand to a high end, five star restaurant.

Last week, I put down my spatula and headed to Las Bugambillas.  Their moderately-priced, authentic Mexican cuisine did not disappoint.

I started with the Nopales Salad.  You don't often see this cactus leaf-based dish on menus, so I was pleased to encounter it.  Vaguely resembling a crunchier roasted pepper, these vinegar infused strips were unique and tasty. The shrimp, avocado, red onion, tomato and crumbled queso fresco made for a great combination.

I then progressed to the Tacos al Pastor.  Las Bugambillas calls them a starter, but the generous portion which included a scoop of dressed, shredded lettuce topped with toothsome pickled vegetables was plenty for a main course, particularly when chasing the nopales.  This trio of corn tortillas, generously stuffed with perfectly seasoned, slow-cooked pork, chopped white onions, fresh cilantro and  pineapple was simply terrific.
My beef-eater son, he of the unadventurous palate, ordered a steak, plain, with rice and beans on the side. The chef generously accommodated this request, and even with the high maintenance order, there was nary a scowl from the server.  My son devoured the lot, save the chopped tomato garnishes, and heaven forbid, the guacamole.
I was delighted to see that this place was hopping on a Monday night in July.  In what is often considered the slowest night on during the slowest season for restaurants, this place was a fiesta.   Viva Las Bugambillas!

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