Thursday, August 30, 2012

What to Cook for Dinner..? Crab Pillows of course!

Crab Pillows with Pineapple Chili Dipping Sauce

It's nearly midnight.

We're still at the shore but a thunderstorm is expected tonight so everyone is going to be bad-tempered hanging around the house.  

The freezer has been emptied progressively, following three week's solid of hungry house guests.  What to cook for dinner?  

Rummaging through the freezer I spot some good looking jumbo lump crab meat, which cost me an arm and a leg when I bought it from the local fish shop here in Stone Harbor.


Crab tonight.  

But everyone is sick of crab cakes as the kids tend to order these whenever we go out.

I throw down the gauntlet to our ever helpful Facebook fans and am OVERWHELMED by the response (remember it's midnight!)

  • Three people suggest different types of crab salad (thanks for your suggestions Joe and Tracy); 
  • Marjorie suggested a Crab Mac N Cheese - the idea of which sounds most tempting (next time!); 
  • Carol's suggestion of crab in a fresh tomato sauce and pasta is a definite potential. 
  • Tracy posted Shelfish and Grilled Asparagus Pasta (I'm hoping she sends in the recipe!) and Dawn a Crab and Shitake Risotto.  Yum!!!
  • But my favorites two suggestions came from Joe for a Crab Bruschetta and Darby Logan who posted her recipe for Crab Pillows. Get this...

Darby's Crab Pillows


1 cup crab meat, 
4-ounce package Boursin cheese, 
3 tsp sliced scallions, 
1 pkg. wonton wraps, 
freshly ground pepper to taste, 
Vegetable oil for brushing on wontons 

Now for the hard part - primping the wontons into little bundles


1. Combine crab, cheese, scallions, and pepper, mix well. 
2. Place 1/2 tsp of crab mixture in middle of wonton sheet and fold to form triangle, or pull all 4 sides 
up and create a flower pillow. Press and seal edges(with a small amount of water. 
3. Repeat with remaining filling and wontons. 
4. Place on prepared baking sheet and brush pillows with oil. Bake @350 until puffed and golden. 

Says Darby:  "This makes about 25 crab pillows.  These are great with a cocktail -- which I know is not for the kiddos!   OR, try them with a walnut-arugula salad for a light dinner. "

Thanks to everyone who posted their ideas.  What a fun (and democratic) way to decide on what to have for dinner tonight! 

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