Monday, September 27, 2010

The Apple of His Eye

So Michele is obviously the apple of Barack's eye, evidenced by the fact that while at work he thought of her and brought her home a treat--four Gala apples, to be exact, from the Fair Food Farmstand.  Wasn't that the coolest thing that he stopped at Our Market?

Which brings us to this week's contest:  Write a caption for this photo--be clever, be witty, and remember our overall theme:  food and love.  Email entries by Wednesday, October 6.  Winner will be announced Friday October 8.  And yes, you will win a prize!  Here it is...a book about Inter Courses (We mean entrees and appetisers -- this is PG-rated after all.)

President Obama's offering got us thinking about spouses and gifts.  We heartily encourage gifts from spouses, and of course we love apples, but if our spouses hoped to woo us, well, a bag of apples just wouldn't do the trick.  There are many other delectables that would serve their purposes better, especially in the culinary Mecca of Reading Terminal Market.

Here are our top five:
1.  Chocolates by Mueller's Dark Chocolate Cashew Turtles
2.  Cheese (Tallegio, Pecorino, and Belladonna, perhaps)  from Salumeria or Downtown Cheese
3.  Red Velvet Cupcakes from Flying Monkey
4.  Pretzels from Miller's Twist
5.  Fried Chicken from Delilah's

What are your go-to foods when trying to pave the road to your beloved's heart?

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Philly Food Lovers said...

Seems like the action is on FB. We've had 7 entries so far...