Monday, September 20, 2010

Valentine to the Market

Welcome to Philly Food Lovers. We are excited to launch this blog as a Valentine to our fave foodie mecca in our fair city, Reading Terminal Market.  Every week leading up to February 26, 2011 (the date of The Valentine to the Market party) we will be featuring a food that is associated with love, and is available at our cherished Market.

Food has been linked to love since the first caveman dragged a brontosaurus steak into his lair. Legends about aphrodisiacs abound, from the Aztec notion that Montezuma sustained his virility by drinking vast quantities of liquid chocolate to Casanova's oyster habit. Amorous properties have also been ascribed to chilies, peaches, ginger, honey, mangoes, mint, vanilla, and figs, to name a few. We will be blogging on these and more as we countdown to the Market Lovefest.

We hope to engage you, our Phellow Philly Phoodies, as we explore these exciting edibles. We will share food memories, fun facts, amusing anecdotes (I have a great one about a cantaloupe, stay tuned....) and conduct contests. So join us on this journey as we pay tribute to a true culinary gem and hopefully, only gain a few pounds.

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