Monday, December 20, 2010

Fast Food Fish

Alex invents inspirational fish dishes to lure her guppies to the dinner table...
Frozen fish sticks are not exactly awe-inspiring. Yet, when we think of fish, that's what we tend to serve up to our own dear little minnows for dinner. Surely we can do better than that.

How can you encourage a testy two-year old, or even a finicky teen, to eat more fish? 

We cast our net wide, and asked three of our most health conscious girlfriends to divulge their secrets, for the benefit of all. Over the next 3 days we will share with you their ideas for reeling little kids to the dinner table...

From our friend Alex - mother of 3 young nippers - Yes, you guessed it, the kids are not exactly big fish fans. "Usually fish for them means panko crumbs on a tilapia filet then pan fried...then we call it Costa Rican chicken. Don't ask!

"That said, they all love mussels and clams in broth of white wine, garlic and parsley.

"Recently I made something which a friend, Sonia, coined "Faux Pho". I was on a takeout Pho kick at home and wanted to recreate it, but with fish. One of my children wolfed it down...the other two not so much."

Faux Pho (or Singapore inspired noodles with fish)

Bring container of Vegetable (or chicken) stock to a boil. 
Add minced garlic and ginger (no real specific amounts here)
Add some diced lemon grass and a couple whole stalks 
Add sliced shitake mushrooms

Lower flame and continue to cook till mushrooms are soft

Add package udon or soba noodles and cook till noodles are al dente (they will continue to cook so do not overcook at this point)

Add 3/4 pound of wild salmon cut into cubes. Mix once and turn off flame. Fish will cook through. 

Add a dollop of chili paste (adjust according to heat preference), bean sprouts, spinach and loads of basil and serve. Spinach, sprouts and basil will wilt just the right amount from the heat.

Alex concludes: "I thought this was fantastic. Made up on a whim. I am sure any veggies would work as well as a variety of firm fish. "

Salmon on display at the market: 
Doesn't it just put you in mind of a Still Life by one of the Dutch Old Masters..?

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