Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween Treats from Reading Terminal Market

Happy Snow-loween!

Yesterday's winter storm in October threw everybody for a loop, but if you fell behind on your Halloween plans, fear not!  We spotted plenty of seasonal treats on offer at the Reading Terminal Market and there's no snow in today's forecast, so....

Start at the Pennsylvania General Store...
These trick or treat bags will hold all the goodies you can carry....

Have fun filling them with these goodies....

Flying Monkey Patisserie's pumpkin whoopie pies are certainly worthy of their name...don't miss their other autumn treats.
Photo by Albert Yee

Chocolate by Mueller offers an eerie array of creepy chocolate organs--hearts and brains to name but two.

Chocolate organs not your cauldron of witches brew? Don't miss their candy apples:
 All that shopping may make you hungry....we recommend Molly Malloy's pumpkin pancakes. 

Isn't carb loading recommended for long distance runners?  Trick or treating can be something of a marathon.
And if your'e not  'pumpkined out' by Tuesday, Metropolitan Bakery starts featuring pumpkin cranberry as their bread of the month for November.   Count on us to be first in line!
Happy Halloween!

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