Friday, October 7, 2011

Italian Food at the Reading Terminal Market

The lush colors of Italian salads at By George

To wrap up our homage to all food Italian, we embarked on a whistlestop tour of the Reading Terminal Market merchants who specialize in Italian fare.

The Market offers everything from pre-pepped deli-style Italian food to the raw ingredients required to make an authentic Italian meal.  You can find everything from the wholesome and rustic to the Italian-American interpretation of La Cucina Italiana. 

For those of you with an interest in learning more about cooking the Italian way, then why not check out Anna Florio's classes at La Cucina, which run regularly at the Market?

Stop by the following merchants when you're next in!

Putting together a plate of anti-pasti, head to La Salumeria...

Fancy an Italian-inspired hoagie?   By George is the place for you!

Top off your lunch with a slice of Pumpkin Coffee Cake from arguably one of the best bakeries in the whole of Philadelphia --- Termini Bros. of course!!!

Cooking at home? 
Try By George's prepared pasta sauces and the freshest of pasta...
 Or...if you are feeling more adventurous still, then reprise's/ favorite Italian recipes, including: Chicken Bruschetta or Zucchini with Garlic and Mint

    Mad-as-a-hatter Emperor Nero...

The mad Roman Emperor Nero is best known for allegedly playing the fiddle while Rome burnt down in The Great Fire of Rome - which, like the Great Fire of London, probably started in a kitchen somewhere...

Perhaps they should have stayed out of the kitchen, and tried a take-out from the Market instead?

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