Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grill Wars Resolved

You may recall the, um, burning question of gas vs charcoal, that we documented last spring.  The debate resulted in a household cold war, in which no new grill was procured despite the decrepitude of the existing one.   Fast forward one year and all is sunshine and barbecues.  Here's the story....

Matt, the chap with the desperate desire for the wood-coal burning Big Green Egg, was asked to man the grill at a recent neighborhood cookout.  He reluctantly agreed.   Upon arrival, he was handed a drink, a pair of tongs, a tray of kebabs, and steered toward a Weber 310 Genesis 3-burner gas grill.
The experience was transformational. The grill heated quickly, evenly and predictably. There was significant control on the level of heat at any given time.  The thermometer registers up to 700 degrees.   Matt came home, several hours, bourbons and cigars later, a changed man.  And we ordered the Genesis, aptly named for this new beginning, the very next day.

The Genesis arrived in time for Fathers' Day...and Matt celebrated with New York Strip grilled ever -so-perfectly.
It has since been used to cook spectacular scallops and beautiful burgers.  What are your latest barbecue discoveries?

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