Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday at the Farmers Market

Just got back from my regular Sunday foray to the Headhouse Farmers Market.  Love the fact that each week there's more on offer as the growing season progresses.

Last week I only bought two of these luscious early tomatoes--won't make that mistake again; seven in bag today!
Garlic Scapes....(the green top portion of a garlic plant)

Artichokes, what a gorgeous way to display them!

Thought these were particularly robust radishes, but learned they were scarlet queen turnips...

And our favorite part, of course, the sweets:

Love Bar--look for future post on this very cool, local, socially conscious company.

And Zsa's Ice Cream--I downed the salted caramel cup so quickly that there was nothing for me to photograph--but have so far resisted the lemon buttermilk I brought back for my lucky husband.  He may not see it if he doesn't get home soon, though.  Look for future post on this artisanal producer as well...
What's your favorite Sunday food ritual?

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