Monday, July 30, 2012

Tiramisu - the sexiest dessert ever!

Food at the shore just has to be e-a-s-y

I just love it when you buy a product and they run a recipe on the package itself.  It makes it so much easier to shop; scan the ingredients and grab everything you need all at the same time.

I've had packets of lady fingers in my pantry for ages, and now, having made this sexy dessert for two weekends running, just when I need to lay my hands on a box and transcribe a great recipe for Tiramisu, of course, I can't find one!

A mercy dash to the local mini market in Stone Harbor failed to turn up any packets of lady fingers either.  So I'm settling for a recipe I've used previously from the Food Network:  Giada di Laurentiis's Tiramisu.

To me, Tiramisu, is the ultimate dessert; starring chocolate, coffee and mascarpone, it's like glorified baby food, spoon after delicious spoon after spoon.

Add another - adult - dimension to your tiramisu by adding amaretto or another of your favorite liquors to the espresso soaking mixture.

Team tiramisu with seasonal soft fruit Jersey strawberries, Jersey peaches or apricots and you've got the perfect Summer dessert...

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Serena in Manhattan said...

Tiramisu' is the sexiest dessert ever indeed! Check out my recipe