Thursday, October 25, 2012

Apple Almond Crisp Pie

Fall is synonymous with apples in all their glory.  A friend went apple picking with her family and deposited a hundred weight of oversized apples on my stoop this weekend, so I decided to get busy and bake.

First apple almond crisp (which is similar to an apple crumb or crumble, as we'd say in the U.K.).  There's not much difference between the various recipes.

On examination, the apple crisp tends to have a coarser texture than a crumble because it often includes oats and nuts -- so the end result is chewier and crunchier. which I prefer.

In the version I used, I started with a basic apple crumble mixture from, but instead of using 100% flour, I substituted 50% of the recommended quantity with a mixture of almond meal and also quaker oats.  (This idea of adding finely ground almond flour, or meal, came from some foodie friends on Facebook. Thanks again for the tip.)

If you are partial to fruit crumb pies, then it's worth trying Jack McDavid's Blueberry Peach pie - an absolute winner!

In the meantime, this is how I got on.


And after....

...only there wasn't much after.

The crumble disappeared in a flash!

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