Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Veggies at the Farmers' Market

This selection of gourds and squash put me in the mood to decorate for fall.....

Sunday isn't Sunday without a trip to the Headhouse Square Farmers' Market and the Sunday Times Crossword Puzzle, in that order. Sunday's Market visit turned out to be more promising than the puzzle; I usually manage to finish the crossword, but last week I only mastered about 60%.  Wonder if there are any fall veggies that boost brain power?

No matter, these eye-popping veggies gave me a profound appreciation for autumn's harvest....

Thinking of roasting and stuffing these squash--maybe with chili?

Had a grand old time discovering the jelly melon:

When eaten before they fully ripen, jelly melons are close to a cucumber.  After ripening, they resemble kiwi.  We bought two, one to eat immediately and the other to ripen.  We found them to  contain an abundance of seeds; conclusion:  we'd prefer cuc's and kiwis.

 These wax beans were just gorgeous--sauteed with garlic and cashews, they even pleased my carnivorous kids.

Thought the mini gherkins were intriguing--allegedly a tiny cucumber--but at $9.00 for the pint-sized box, we gave them a pass.


Savoy Cabbages were lovely and robust; we'll slice them, and saute with olive oil, salt and pepper til they almost caramelize.  They also make a gorgeous slaw, chopped raw and tossed  with lime juice, sour cream, cilantro and sliced onions.

What's your favorite fall vegetable?

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