Monday, October 22, 2012

Scallops with Brussel Sprouts and Bacon

With the weather turning, our thoughts invariably stray to warm, comforting foods that are both tasty and hearty.

Brussel sprouts hits the sweet spot for me.

They are the quintessential Fall food, and to my mind are associated with all the best family-centered Holidays of the year, notably Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Having bought a couple of pounds of new season brussels sprouts, and grabbed some bacon and onion with which to stir fry my sprouts, I had a brain wave.  I had some teeny scallops lurking in the freezer, perhaps I could flash fry the scallops and serve them on a bed of sprouts?

This isn't as crazy as it seems...This weekend's WSJ featured a seared swordfish steak with brussels, and scallops are more often than not served wrapped in a cloak of bacon.  So, I gave it go.

I followed the recipe we've published on multiple occasions, because it's just so darned good.  (Rick Nichols' interpretation of Marc Vetri's sprouts) and added bacon and extra sliced onion.

My fast food staple - seasoned butters
Then I flash fried the scallops in chili lime butter (ready made from Wholefoods) - a staple in my freezer.

The result was inspirational!

Heartily recommended.

Have you devised an innovative food pairing which to your surprise actually worked out well?

Do share.

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