Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Down Home Lunches Save the Day!

Looking for simple, healthy ways to fill your child's lunchbox?  Us too!  And with the typical morning mayhem of getting the family out the door, there often isn't time to lovingly prepare wholesome, balanced meals that travel well.  Not to mention the fact that I'm on crutches (fractured foot) so food prep, precariously balanced, is not what the doctor ordered.

Fear not, fair friends, Down Home Diner gallantly came to the Rescue!  I availed myself of  several of their takeout items last week, and so far, all have met with approval.  If you have any experience with teens and tweens you'll know that approval is doled out sparingly at best, so I considered this experiment a real success.  Some of the greatest hits from last week's lunchbox menu include:

DHD's Fried Chicken--we love it hot, but it's delicious cold, too!
Wraps and Sandwiches--with a selection to please even the choosiest of brownbaggers.  My kids are not great fans of sandwiches, but they ate these.

As the mercury drops, a hearty soup in a thermos is a great option, (though even on a warmish Wednesday my daughter enjoyed her black eyed pea with and a biscuit on the side.)

The salads also travel well--the Mediterranean was a hit, though my kids did pick out the cherry tomatoes....

Of course, we didn't forget fresh fruit from Reading Terminal Market's produce merchants or treats from the bakers.  I fear, with these sumptuous repasts, my kids will wish me an extended convalescence.

Do you have any trade secrets for lunchbox ooohs and ahhhs?

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